Me Made May - Week 1 Wrap-up

When I decided to take part in Me Made May this year, the goal was to "force" myself to wear me-made garments every day and determine what gaps I still have by trying more combinations. Unfortunately, the weather really hasn't been cooperating so I haven't been able to take out any of my warmer weather garments yet. I'm really hoping this changes soon or else Me Made May is going to have to move into June for me! 

I'm going to be blogging every week and document (for myself as much as for you guys) my thoughts on what works and what doesn't so I don't forget. These are going to be long posts - be warned!

I got the whole thing started with my Itch-to-Stitch Bellavista Top in a sweater knit from Fabricville. You can read all about the sizing and see more photos here. I absolutely love this top and I get lots of compliments when I wear it. The fabric isn't heavy or warm at all so this is perfect for cooler May weather and I'll also be able to wear this in the Fall. The print has red, black and grey in it, so this will pair perfectly with a bunch of different bottoms. I'm thinking this would also look pretty awesome with a black pencil skirt for when I return to the office in the Fall. This top is definitely a keeper.

On May 2, I wore a top I had just finished - this is the Cashmerette Cedar Dolman in another lightweight sweater knit (from Minerva). This was a muslin because I wasn't sure I would love a dolman sleeve on me and I was worried about the high neckline. This was a huge success (in my humble opinion) - I love the fit, the length and the neckline isn't too high at all. Here is a link to my blog post about this top and the final version I made with an awesome pink knit fabric. This is definitely another keeper but will probably not wear this much over the warmer months. It does look good with black pants and I have a good pair of those that are work appropriate for Fall.

On May 3, I wore my first Busan Top by Itch-to-Stitch. I made this version as a muslin with scraps. I have worn this top to death since I made it - so much so that the Ponte I used is starting to pill really badly. The sleeves are so much fun and because the shoulders are narrow by design, the extra volume at the top of the sleeves just balances things out very nicely. The hem on this top hits me at the perfect spot and it looks really good with my grey Arden Pants (by Helen's Closet). This top probably won't be worn out in public anymore but it'll stay in the rotation for days spent at home. As for the pants, they are staying in my wardrobe all year around. In fact, I'm already planning another pair for the Summer in linen. If you want to read the original blog posts for these, go here for the Busan top and here for the Arden pants.

On Day 4, I wore an Ashton top and Blackwood Cardigan both by Helen's Closet. I've worn this combo many times this last Winter - it's sort of perfect really. The Ashton is getting a little snug on me though (thank you COVID weight gain) and there are a few little tweaks I want to make to the pattern: I need to narrow the shoulders by about 1/2", I want to lengthen it a bit and I'd like to lower the neckline just a touch. Once those adjustments are made, this will be the perfect top to wear with shorts and maxi skirts this Summer. Go here to read about my Ashton top and here for the red Blackwood.

On May 5, I woke up feeling pretty tired and really just wanted to wear something warm, cozy and comfortable. So I wore my Love Notions Whistler top and some RTW black joggers. This sweater is going to be perfect to wear on chilly evenings when we open up the island house this Summer. I think I might make another one of these in a sweater knit for next Fall. (Read all about this version here.)

On Day 6, I wore another Blackwood Cardigan, my Seamwork Moji pants (which I can't find on the Seamwork website anymore) and a black RTW tee-shirt. Not much to say about this outfit really - the cardigan is good, but the pants are made with the same Ponte as my Busan Top above and it's also pilling badly so these pants will most likely not be worn outside. I was thinking of making another pair of Moji pants, but there are so many adjustments I'd need to make for them to fit me perfectly, I think I'm just going to keep looking for a better knit pants pattern.

And finally, on Day 7, I wore my cowl neck La Bella Donna tunic by Love Notions. This pattern is one of the most versatile and fun pattern to sew - I made a short sleeved top last Summer, another tunic without the cowl and this cowl neck version. Whenever I wear my La Bella Donna tops, I get lots of compliments. The only thing I would change on this version is the neckline. I wish the cowl neck was lower. I am going to do some research to see if anyone has a hack for that.

I'm really happy I managed to post every day! Again, a little disappointing that I wasn't able to break out my warm weather me-mades, but I've now established that I need to:

  • branch out in terms of colour - a lot of red, black and grey this week.
  • find a better location for my photos! 😂
  • make myself some bottoms.