A Very Snuggly Whistler Top

I finished a crazy snuggly sweater for myself this week and although it is far from perfect... I love it!

This is the Whistler Pull-over and Hoodie by Love Notions. When I first saw the pattern (which I think might have been on sale recently), I skipped over it. I didn't think the style would look nice on me and I have to say I really didn't need another winter sweater. 

But I had this amazingly soft THICC Stretch Fleece from The Fabric Snob in my stash that I really wanted to make something out of before the cold season was gone. So I just went ahead and bought the Whistler. Had I known what a headache this make would turn out to be, I would have chosen a much easier or simpler pattern. This thing nearly ended-up in the recycling bin a few times...

There are a few design details in this pattern that aren't easy to sew with a thicker fabric. An example of this is attaching the collar to the front of the garment. My sewing machine hated sewing the fabric and even with a walking foot, I had to push and pull the fabric under the needle which resulted in wavy seams, some puckers and some questionable seam matching. If I'm going to keep sewing with thicker stretchy fabric, I really need to invest in a better sewing machine.

But even with the issues caused by my sewing machine, there are many things I love about my new sweater. First of all, it is crazy comfortable and warm. The fit is pretty good (although I think I need to start doing a narrow shoulder adjustment on the patterns before I cut my fabric) and the sleeve length is perfect. I also like the pockets and the construction of the top is really interesting. I did have to watch Love Notions' YouTube video on how to attach the collar to the front because the written instructions just had me scratching my head...

I didn't want to attempt making buttonholes in this fabric and the top really doesn't require functioning buttons, so I simply sewed them through all the layers. They are basically just a decoration.

The details:


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