A Red Blackwood Cardigan

Cardigans are a huge part of my closet. Many of the tops I own are sleeveless or short-sleeved and in the winter months, I wear them with cardigans. If I'm being honest, I would love to have a cardigan in every colour. I have a few ready-to-wear cardigans and I have now made four Blackwoods from Helen's Closet (you can see my previous three versions here, here and here).

This is my new red Blackwood.

The fabric is a Liverpool knit from Minerva. I love the colour, but the fabric was a bit of a pain to sew with - it refuses to take a crease when pressed and it's pretty thick so the seams were a nightmare to press.

Helen has a hack on her blog to make the front band wider so the front of the cardigan overlaps. I really wanted to try it, but I completely forgot about it until after my fabric was cut. I'll have to try and remember it next time.

The details:


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