The Itch-to-Stitch Busan Top

In my continuing goal to make myself work appropriate tops - which really means tops that look nice on video calls, I found the Itch to Stitch Busan Top. I immediately fell in love with the beautiful and interesting sleeves and some of the tester versions were so gorgeous, I just had to give it a try.

But as much as I loved those sleeves, I wasn't sure if the design would look good on me so instead of using a more precious fabric, I decided to cut the top out of leftover Ponte - a grey for the body and a very bright pink for the sleeves. I knew this would look a little crazy (and the hubby did say something along those lines when I showed him the finished top), but I really just wanted to check for fit and see if I liked the sleeves.

When I first put the top on, I immediately thought it looked ridiculous. But I wore it for an entire day and found it extremely comfortable to wear and I really do love those sleeves!

This Ponte is so nice to sew with but probably wasn't the best choice for this top. When I make this again (and I'll definitely make this again), I'll use a sweater knit with a lot more drape.

The details: