Thursday, December 1, 2016

Heading South

How can it possibly be December already? And it looks like my last finish was almost a month ago! Time sure does fly...

I have been sewing - I completed my #100days100blocks Tula Pink sampler top and I'm hoping to send that off to be quilted within the next week or so.  And I finished another project on my Q4 2016 finish-along list:  Heading South.

The photos are pretty bad - we seriously haven't had a sunny day here in almost 2 weeks and it's pretty dark outside by the time I get home from work.
Heading South is a pattern designed by Amanda Castor of Material Girl Quilts.  I purchased it in May during the May is for Makers campaign and I was finally able to start working on the quilt in October.

I used Kona Charcoal for the background and nothing but scraps for the flying geese. These blocks were so much fun to make and I posted a couple of progress shots on Instagram...

I considered doing some fancy quilting in the geese and a filler in the background, but in the end, I decided to quilt it with wavy lines running vertically - sort of to follow the movement of the arrows.

Quilt Stats:

  • Pattern:  Heading South by Amanda Castor of Material Girl Quilts
  • Size: 64" x 68"
  • Fabrics: the greese are all scraps and the background is Kona Charcoal
  • Thread: Pieced with Aurifil #2605 (50 wt) and quilted with Aurifil #2630 (40 wt)
  • Recipient:  My hubby claimed that one as soon as the top was finished

And here it is now being well loved.

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And this is project number 2 on my Q4 2016 FAL list so I will be linking there too!

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Winter Star Baby Quilt

When my fellow Montreal MQG member and friend Shannon announced that she was publishing a pattern for her Winter Star quilt, I jumped at the opportunity to test it for her.  The design was so much fun and I was in need of a baby quilt for my kids' cousin who is pregnant with her first baby.

Shannon's pattern provides instructions for 3 sizes:  baby, throw and double.  Like I said, I needed a baby quilt so went with the 40" x 40" version for mine.

I chose fat quarters from my stash in tones of pink, purple, blue and green.  The background is Kona White.  The binding is a scrappy bunch of leftover strips from other quilts in pink and a tiny bit of green.

The backing is a fabric I've had for a very long time - some tiny purple dots on a white background.  I love it when I have the perfect fabric in my stash for the backing!

I quilted it with a big meander with 50 wt white Aurifil thread.

Shannon is publishing the pattern for Winter Star the week of November 21.  I highly recommend it. She did a fabulous job with the instructions and the illustrations make things super easy to follow, even for a novice quilter.

Quilt Stats:

  • Pattern:  Winter Star by Shannon Fraser of s/f Designs
  • Size: 40" square (baby quilt size)
  • Fabrics: 8 fat quarters entirely from stash and Kona White for the background
  • Thread: Pieced and quilted with Aurifil 50 wt #2021
  • Recipient:  Mylene for her first baby
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Thursday, November 3, 2016

MMQG Molinari Challenge Finish

Last Spring, the Montreal MQG challenged their members to design and create a quilt based on the work of Montreal artist Guido Molinari.  To help inspire us, the leadership of the guild organized a visit to the Guido Molinari Foundation museum and even put together a really cool presentation on his work.

I couldn't attend the museum visit so had to depend on Google to get a good feel for his body of work.  Now I'm going to let you in on a little secret - I know absolutely nothing about modern art. So I had to rely solely on my gut when it came to choosing one of his pieces as my inspiration.

I also had to choose something that I could make into a quilt so I went with something fairly simple.

I pieced the quilt from Kona solids (Black, Red and Ocean).  I wanted the modern feel to continue with the quilting so decided to go with straight lines with my walking foot.

I quilted some of the lines with black thread, others with blue and red.  It's really hard to capture the real colours in these photos, but trust me, it's really cool in person.  :-)

The quilt measures about 30" x 40".

The next challenge of the Montreal MQG is to design and create a quilt based on a Montreal metro station.  The metro system in Montreal is celebrating its 50th birthday this year and many stations have really beautiful works of art on display - some of the stations themselves are works of art!

I chose the metro station closest to my house and the one that takes me home every night...  I can't wait to get started!

But first, my friend Shannon of s/f Designs is getting ready to publish a pattern and I offered to test it for her.  So that's the first priority for me over the next few days.

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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Weight of Love - Finally done!

I don't usually carry WIPs around for very long - I'm more of a start and finish kind of quilter.  But this one had been in my sewing room for a while.  Back in March 2016, the Montreal Modern Quilt Guild organized a workshop with Libs Elliot and we all worked on the Weight of Love quilt pattern. I love the design and was very happy with my fabric choices, but I wasn't thrilled with my Y seams.

So the couple of rows I had pieced at the workshop languished on my design wall for months!

I even put this WIP on my FAL list for Q2 and Q3, but only took it out again in September.  I finished piecing the big hexagon and then was stuck again.  I didn't want to applique the hexagon on a background because I had nothing in my sewing room that was big enough and I promised myself I wouldn't buy any fabric until 2017.

When I put it on my Q4 FAL list, I was determined to finish it before the end of the quarter.  So I decided to make things easy on myself and cut the sides even so I ended up with a big hexagon with six even sides.

I immediately basted it and started quilting - a nice, simple, easy meander with grey Aurifil thread in 50 wt (#2600 Dove).

Some of my Y seams are not exactly perfect...

But some are pretty good...

The day I took the pictures, my step-daughter was here with my grand-daughter and I decided to give her the quilt to use as a play mat.  She was super happy to take it and I was super happy to give it away!

I will linking up at Crazy Mom Quilts and at Busy Hands Quilts for TGIFF because I definitely need to celebrate this finish!

And because this was on my Q4 list for the 2016 FAL, I will linking up there too.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Scrappy Blue Quilt Finish

I use blue a lot in my quilts - a lot!  So it's not surprising that I ended up with two overflowing bins of blue scraps. And I mean overflowing - I could barely put the lids on my bins.

I've been trying to use up more of my scraps lately and the #100days100blocks quilt along that I've been participating in is helping a bit, but I'm not using nearly as many of my scraps as I thought I would.  So a couple of weeks ago, I took out one of my blue bins and started piecing blocks.

And before long, I had a fun quilt top made with nothing but scraps...

It's raining cats and dogs here today and the forecast is calling for more rain for the next 4 days so I'm stuck with indoor pictures in very poor lighting - apologies!

I used more scraps - grey ones - to frame every other square to try and reduce the chaos a bit and I really like the effect.

Some of these scraps are really old - like those more traditional flowery fabrics in there.  And there are some of my favourite modern fabrics too - the ones I used in some of the quilts I love the most.

I quilted it with organic wavy lines with my walking foot with a soft blue Aurifil thread.

Making this quilt was such a fun exercise. I loved the freedom of piecing together random bits of fabric with no plan and no need to be exact with my seams.

The total size of the quilt is 60" x 75".  I used 20 blocks in a 4 x 5 grid - each block is 15" finished.

And I'm happy to report that the first blue bin is now only about a quarter full!

I will linking up at Crazy Mom Quilts (who is also a big fan of scrappy quilts!) and at Rainbows Bunnies Cupcakes for TGIFF.

And this is project number 4 on my FAL list for Q4!  Yay for finishes!  :-)

Friday, October 14, 2016

FAL Q4 2016 List

FAL 2016

I had a lot of fun working my Quarter 3 projects for the 2016 FAL and I managed to finish 6 of the 9 projects on my list.  I'd say 2/3 is a pretty good result wouldn't you?  I plan on finishing 2016 with a bang so will sign-up for the FAL again this quarter.

Here is my list for Q4:

1.  Weight of Love

My Weight of Love WIP has been on my lists since Q2 and I has to get done!  I did make some progress during the last quarter and my big hexie is now all pieced.  All that's left is to applique it on a background, back it, quilt it and bind it.

2.  Heading South

This one was also on my list for Q3.  I did not manage to make any progress on that one but I'm determined to get started at least.  I'm using scraps for this one (I've got more than enough to make 100 quilts like this one!) and some Kona Charcoal for the background. 

3.  Urban Chained


This was also on my Q3 list and although I have the fabric all picked out, I wasn't able to even touch this one last quarter.

4.  Scrappy Blue Quilt


This is something I started a couple of weeks ago.  I am determined to use a lot of my scraps and my blue bins (yes, plural) were overflowing so I decided to go with a blue scrappy quilt to start with.  I've already made 14 of the 20 15" blocks I'll need.  Finishing this one should not be a problem.

And that's all I'm putting on my list for this quarter.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Snowflake Shimmer QAL - Finished!!

Back in July, Yvonne who blogs at Quilting Jet Girl launched a quilt along for her gorgeous Snowflake Shimmer pattern.  I just had to jump on that one - the design is just so beautiful!

I'm so happy to have finished this one in time for the final link-up!  And bonus - I absolutely love it!

I chose three Kona solids to make my Snowflake Shimmer:  Charcoal for the background, Ash for the middle stars and White for the snowflake.

For the quilting, I was inspired by Yvonne who quilted hers pretty densely.  I went with some dot to dot designs in the snowflake, pebbles in the stars and a large stipple in the background.

For the backing, I chose to use a inexpensive sheet in a beautiful lavender colour.  I just love how the quilting shows up on the back.

I used matching Aurifil thread on the top and bobbin so although the thread blends in very nicely on the top, you can see all the details on the back.

The finished quilt measures about 72 1/2" x 88 1/2".  I really, really, really want to keep this one just for me, but I've already gotten comments from my sweetie that it would look perfect in the living room at the island house on the new grey couch.  He's right - it would look awesome there.

I will be linking up with everyone else participating in the QAL over at Quilting Jet Girl.

And this was project number 4 on my Q3 2016 FAL list so I'll be linking up there too.

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