The Hug Hoodie and #BHMPatternDesigners

I'm back to the blog today with a pattern review and my entry to the #BHMPatternDesigners challenge organized by Nateida from Sew Natural Dane. To participate in the challenge, you have to make something from a black pattern designer during the month of February and post your make to Instagram using the hashtag #BHMPatternDesigners. The entry doesn't need to be a garment - could be a knitted project, a quilt, a bag... anything! 

For my entry, I decided to make a sweater with the pattern Hug Hoodie by Made It Patterns.

This was my second time using the pattern. My first version was the hooded version in a grey interlock fabric with a pink lining, cuffs and bottom band. In the picture below, I'm wearing it with the Slow Pants (also from Made It Patterns).

I love that hoodie - I'm actually wearing it as I type this! But for my second version, I wanted to try something a little different. Something that would be just as comfortable, but look a little dressier on video calls.

I used a black textured sweater knit from Blackbird Fabrics. The fabric is really soft and sewed up like a dream (although it is very difficult to photograph).

As you can probably tell, I decided not to use the hood, but sewed the neckband instead. I also lengthened the front and the back and shortened the sleeves by 1 inch. I found the grey one a little short but now that I'm looking at the pictures, I think this new version is too long. 

I used the same size as my first hoodie - a size 20. My measurements are currently 40" HB, 45" FB, 30" W and 46" H and I'm 5'4" tall. In this fabric though, the sweater feels and looks (to me) a little bit too big. The next time I make this, I might go down to a size 18.

I'm super pleased with my Hug Hoodie (or sweater) and I'm sure I'll be wearing it a ton during the next couple of months. And I'm really happy to have participated in #BHMPatternDesigners this year. Please do check out the hashtag on Instagram - there are so many beautiful projects and I'm sure you'll also discover amazing pattern designers in the process.