Wednesday, August 15, 2012

WIP Wednesday - Catching up on BOMs

We drove to the city yesterday to spend the night and check on the kitties.  My daughter and I are also planning on getting pedicures today because I'm flying to Jersey City on Tuesday next week for work and my feet look terrible after 10 days spent in flip-flops!

While I'm here, I've been catching up on my blog reading and decided to write a WIP Wednesday post!  This week, I completed my August Schnibble top - Dimestore.  You can read about it here.  I started quilting the Happy Weekender top which is going to be my boss' 50th birthday present. 

I also got totally inspired by the wonderful Sinta who blogs at Pink Pincushion.  Sinta hosts a great quilt-along called BOM Rehab where participants of BOM programs work on long forgotten blocks.  I didn't  "officially" participate in Sinta's quilt along this week but I decided to put together the last 5 blocks of the Fat Quarter Shop Designer Mystery BOM from 2010!  Yes - 2010!

First, here is block 8 - Welcome to our House:

Designed by Margot Languedoc (

Then, there was block 9 - Matching Ornaments:

Designed by Joanna Figueroa (

Here is block 10 - All Tied Up With Pretty Red Tinsel:

Designed by Polly Minick and Laurie Simpson (

This is block 11 - The Basket of Good Cheer:

Designed by Anne Sutton (

And finally, this is block 12 - The Final Touch:

Designed by Sherri Falls (

And here they all are ready for me to open the finishing kit and sew these babies together:

So I don't have any completions this week, but lots of progress on a number of projects:

- Dimestore (top complete)
- 241 Tote Bag (still need to piece)
- Happy Weekender (quilting has started)
- FQS 2010 DM BOM (must finish top)

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Hope everyone is having a wonderful week!


Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Schnibble, organisation and some visitors!

Week 1 of my summer vacation is now over.  We've had some great weather so far and made lots of progress on the new deck.  We even got the roof of the garage painted!  We did get a bit of rain so I spent a few hours at my sewing machine.

My first order of business this week was completing the top of this month's Schnibble:  Dimestore.

Designed by Carrie Nelson.
Made with Christmas Magic charm packs.
I decided to use Christmas fabric for this month's Schnibble for 2 reasons:  1 - I really like that fabric and 2 - August is a good time to start my holiday quilting!   When I first saw the Dimestore pattern, I wasn't super excited about it - it looked a little blah to me.  But when I started making the blocks, I found myself having lots of fun with this pattern.  It came together really fast and I got to practice matching seams - lots and lots of matching seams in this one!

When I finished the Dimestore top, I decided to tackle my scraps.  A long time ago, I had started cutting my scraps into small squares of different sizes and at the time, they all fit into one shoe-size plastic bin.  After spending just a couple of hours cutting squares, I had enough to start organising them by size - one bin for 2" and 2 1/2" squares, one bin for 3" and 3 1/2" squares and one bin for 5" squares.  I also organised some of my WIPs and BOM blocks into more plastic bins.  My sewing room is now without the piles and piles and scraps and ongoing projects!  I love it!

I found the bins on sale at Home Depot for $0.97 each!  I wish I had a way to make cute removable labels for these bins.

I'm going to end this post with a picture of a couple of visitors we had one night...  I was outside with the kids and the dog, cooking supper on the BBQ, when the dog started barking and clawing at a huge maple tree we have in the yard.

Now, this dog chases squirrels all the time so I thought this was one of those times, but no, Bronx was after a couple of bigger visitors...

Can you see the tail of the 2nd racoon at the top left of the picture?!
I think the racoons are adorable, but I much prefer them away from my house!  Thankfully, as soon as we put Bronx in the house, the visitors came down and went into the woods next door.

We will be leaving for the cottage for week 2 of my vacation later on today or tomorrow.  I hope to have a whole bunch of projects to show off when I'm back again.

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Have a great week!


Sunday, August 5, 2012

Pets on Quilts

While catching up on my blog reading this weekend, I learned about the virtual Pet and Quilt Show hosted by Lily Pad Quilting.  The idea is to post a photo of a pet on a quilt or a pet-themed quilt on your blog or flickr page and enter your photo on the linky party at Lily Pad Quilting.

Once the linky party closes, readers can vote on the best pictures and the prizes are... well... awesome!  :-)

So I decided to pull out one of my very first quilts and ask Bronx to pose for me.

Bronx is a mastiff-american bulldog mix and we inherited him from my step son who simply didn't have the lifestyle it takes to be a pet parent.  Bronx came to us at 8 months and he is now 3 years old.  And although he might look pretty intimidating, this puppy is the most gentle, affectionate, and loyal dog you will ever meet.  I just love him to pieces.

This is the 3rd quilt I ever made.  Before I knew about designer fabric, about the importance of buying good quality thread and before I learned about how critical an exact 1/4" seam can be.  So it isn't perfect... far from it.  But I love the colours and the sailboats.

Please make sure you check out all the entries in the Pets on Quilts show and vote for your favourite!  :-)

Pets on Quilts

Hope you all had a great weekend!


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

July Recap and WIP Wednesday

A two for one post today! 

First, a look back on July.  July is usually a pretty quiet month for me in the sewing area because this summer month is all about family parties, BBQs and enjoying the beautiful weather.  And July 2012 was no different!  I really wasn't all that productive this month.

1.  Decoy in Vintage Modern (July Schnibble)
2.  The Fat Quarter Shop Mystery Designer BOM (July)
3.  Ruffle Zipper Pouch
4.  Birdhouse Welcome in Blueberry Crumbcake

Like I said, not much going on here in July.  I'm taking 2 weeks off in August and will be spending most of that time at the cottage so I'm hoping for some serious sewing.  I plan on finishing a few WIPs during that vacation so if all goes well, the August mosaic will be huge!

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Now, today is Wednesday, so that means WIP Wednesday!  This past weekend, all that happened really was the quilting and binding of Birdhouse Welcome so the stats are:

In progress:
- 241 Tote bag (pieces are cut - need to sew them together)
- Afghan (ends are all done! and 35 squares are complete)

Completed projects:
- Birdhouse Welcome

New projects:
- None

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