A New Pair of Arden Pants

I've been wearing the Arden pants I made last Fall pretty much every week and I love them. So I had been planning to make a few more pairs for Spring and then Summer. I had a slightly lighter weight stretch suiting in my stash and decided to pull it out for my next pair of Arden.

I made the exact same size (18) but lengthened the legs by 1 inch so that I could wear my new pants with short heels. And that is when I learned that even when you make a garment from the same pattern and in the same size, the fabric has a huge impact in how the garment looks and fits.

This pair is definitely a little bit tighter at the hips and I can see folds and wrinkles where there were none in my other pair.  If my older pair had also gotten smaller, I could blame the COVID pounds I've put on over the last few months, but my first pair still fits me so I can only suppose the fabric is the difference.

The weather has started to get milder in Montreal this week and I've been going out for walks so I'm hoping to shed a few pounds, but I'm not sure losing 5 or 10 lbs is going to resolve the wrinkles on my pants.

I'm planning at least one more pair of Ardens in linen for the Summer and I'm now thinking I might need to go up to a size 20 in a non-stretch woven. I have a few old sheets that I've been holding on to for muslins - I'll use one of those to try it out.

The details:


  1. They look great from here. ☺ I, too, hope to get out walking soon. It has been a long dark winter. Yeah for more sunlight and warmer weather!!

  2. I think the pants turned out great! Congratulations on a job well done.

  3. They look great in pictures but I guess I can see a stretch line at the crotch area. And stuff like this is what keeps me from trying out sewing my own clothes!! Do you know if the stretch % was different between the two fabrics? Or was it literally just the weight of the fabrics? If I ever try sewing clothes, I think I might just start with simple skirts first.


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