A New Navy Seamwork Oliver

As written in my 2021 goals, I'm hoping to fill some gaps in my wardrobe this year. I haven't yet purged my closet or written down what gaps I need to fill, but I do know a navy sweater will come in handy for the rest of the winter and into spring - the temperatures do remain pretty low here until April or May.

For my new navy sweater, I chose a pattern I've done before - the Seamwork Oliver. You can read about my wine Liverpool version here. It is a very simple design, pretty easy sew and it meets a couple of style suggestions for my body type: a boat neck and the hem hits me right at the high hip.

The fabric is a sweater knit from Minerva. It is a polyester blend with 60% stretch and it has fun sparkles in it - although pretty difficult to see in these photos. The walking foot on my inexpensive Singer sewing machine wasn't a fan unfortunately. So I had to really take my time and help the fabric along by gently pulling and pushing it under the foot. I congratulated myself multiple times for selecting a very simple garment to sew. Anything more complex and I would have lost my mind!

I'm wearing my new sweater with some ready-to-wear faux leather pants in these pictures, but I also have some mustard and some burgundy work pants this sweater will go together with quite nicely.

The details:
  • Pattern: Seamwork Oliver
  • Size: 16
  • Modifications/Alterations: I shortened the upper sleeves by 1"
  • Fabrics: Sparkle Sweater Knit in Navy from Minerva
  • Verdict: I would definitely call this a successful make. I think the pattern/fabric match worked very well, the fit is right and it does fill a gap in my closet. 


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