A woven Seamwork Clarke

Ever since I made my first two Seamwork Clarke tank tops, I've been wanting to try one with a woven fabric (you can see my first two here and here). The pattern can be made up in both knits and woven fabrics but to prevent the "tent" look, Seamwork suggests making the top with the woven fabrics cut on the bias.

I had a little over a yard left of a beautiful crinkle rayon after making my Rhapsody blouse a little while ago and decided to try the Clarke using that.

I'd forgotten how shifty this fabric was and I did run into problems when sewing this up. I used French seams throughout and on the front seam, I didn't trim the seam allowance enough so ended-up with some of the raw edge showing. This fabric does not like to be unpicked so my seam is really wobbly.

And then I ran into trouble with the joining of the facings and the main pieces at the shoulders. I somehow messed-up and the facing was on the outside on the back. Well, like I said, this fabric really did not enjoy the unpicking and it got so damaged, I basically had to cut the seam allowances and start over at the shoulders.

This meant the top is at least 1/2 inch shorter which isn't great because I was able to cut a longer length from the fabric I had left.

The bottom line is that I'm not super happy with my new Clarke but I haven't completely given up on trying to make this pattern with a woven fabric. I have a gorgeous cotton lawn that might be perfect for it...

The details:


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