Vivace Dolman

With the need to work from home for the past 3 months, it feels as though I'm sitting at my computer for 15 hours every day and I move a lot less than I used to. I'm not blaming anything or anyone other than myself for that - I could go for walks or bike rides during the day. I also should have a lot more time to cook healthy meals now that I don't have to commute back and forth to work, but I have found myself feeling lazy at the end of the day so we have been eating restaurant food a lot!

All that to say I need more pants and shorts - preferably some with elastic waistbands. But pants and shorts are hard. I have yet to find a pants pattern that fits me properly without making countless adjustments and I'm not yet experienced enough to feel confident in that department. So while I search for the perfect pants pattern, I am making more tops!

This is the Love Notions Vivace Dolman. This my third Love Notions make (I made the Playdate Dress for my grand-girl Madison last year and made the Rhapsody Blouse last month).

I love, love, love this top!! The fabric is a textured tencel viscose from Blackbird Fabrics. This fabric is soft, it has a beautiful drape and was really easy to sew with. I need way more of this fabric in my life and plan on getting more - would make a gorgeous Closet Case Cielo top, or Rhapsody blouse or Seamwork Clarke (all of which I already own).

The Vivace has a fun pleat down the front which is off centre a bit. The V neck is really cool but I did have a couple of small issues putting it together - you can see some small puckers in there, but I don't care!

The dolman sleeves are finished with a cuff. The viscose I used doesn't have a lot of body so the cuff tends to want to flip out a lot - I might go back and hand stitch it to the sleeve so it stays in place.

The only thing I'm not crazy about and might change the next time I make this is the hem. It hits me at my widest point and is straight across which really isn't very flattering. I might either shorten it a tiny bit or try to raise it up at the sides so it's a little rounded.

So there you have it! A really comfy, cool top for the summer! The pattern also comes in tunic and dress length - not sure how good the dress would look on me but I might try the tunic to wear with leggings.

The details:


  1. Well done. That's a great top. I, too, am too tired and lazy at the end of the day and not walking like I need to be doing.


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