My Make Nine Plans for 2022

I'm back! I sort of lost my sewjo last Fall due to new responsibilities at work and being extra tired at the end of the day. But the 2 weeks off over the Holidays did wonders for my energy levels and my desire to start sewing again. I even made a few things as gifts for Christmas!

I thought I would kick off 2022 by making some plans... some Make Nine plans to be exact. This challenge (and hashtag) has been all over Instagram the last few years and I really wanted to play along this year.

Without further ado, here are my Make 9 picks:

First row:

  • Pulsar Quilt by Quilting Jetgirl - I've been wanting to make a queen size version of this quilt since I made the baby quilt back in August 2021. This one will be in five different shades of blue and will be gifted to my son.
  • The Chilton Trench Coat by Cashmerette - I really want to start making more involved garments this year and a trench coat will be very handy for the Spring and Fall seasons here. I haven't decided what fabric to use or in which colour but I'm excited to make this one.
  • The Stanton Hoodie by Cashmerette - When I purged my closet back in the fall, I couldn't believe I didn't own a black hoodie. This definitely needs to change. I already purchased the fabric for this one and I'm thinking it's going to happen very soon.
Middle row:
  • Ella Quilt by Kitchen Table Quilting - My bedroom furniture needs new toppers. I made the Ella quilt already and loved it. I plan on making 9 blocks and assembling them into four toppers (two for the dressers and two for the night tables). I haven't quite decided what fabric to use yet, but I went a little crazy on Boxing Day and have a pile of fabric coming my way. I'm sure there will be something in there I can use.
  • The Octave Coat by Love Notions - I've been wanting to make myself a winter coat for a long time now. But I'm more than a little intimidated so went for an easier pattern. I love the hood on the Octave and it only has one button so totally doable. I don't have fabric for this one and it definitely won't happen this winter, but I'll be working on it at the end of the Summer this year.
  • Uvita Top by Itch-to-Stitch - I need a basic white long sleeved tee in my wardrobe and decided to go with the Uvita. 
Bottom row:
  • Harrison Shirt by Cashmerette - I signed-up for the Cashmerette class on shirt making and really, really want to make it now. I love shirts but find it so difficult to find ready-to-wear ones that fit me properly. It's time to start making them!
  • Bahama Mama Boy Shorts by Peek-a-Boo Patterns - I really want to make myself a bathing suit for this Summer. I plan on using this pattern for the bottoms and a simple tank with a lined shelf-bra for the top.
  • Coco Wide Leg Pants by Pattern Emporium - I've never worn wide leg pants and I'm not at all sure they are going to look good on me, but I want to try them out for this Summer. They look so comfy and how awesome would they be in a cool, flowy rayon fabric? I already have the fabric for those but probably won't get started on them until the weather gets a little bit warmer.
I'm pretty confident I can get all these done in the next year or so. 

So tell me - are you familiar with the Make 9 challenge and hashtag? Are you participating? I would love to know!


  1. These all look fabulous. Can't wait to see your take on them. I have not heard of this challenge, but now I am considering it. I am sure I can find 9 quilts to make this year. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Oooh, Pulsar in all shades of blue? I can't wait to see that come together! :) I'm glad you are finding the time and energy to sew again. Real life and jobs can take a lot out of us.


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