Me Made May - Week 3 Wrap-Up


Week 3 of Me Made May definitely wasn't super easy! I spent a lot of time standing in front of my closet trying to figure out what to wear and share. When I decided to participate in Me Made May this year, I pledged to wear me made garments every day and find new ways to style them into different outfits. This has really highlighted for me the fact that I don't have nearly enough bottoms to wear with the tops I've made. It also made me realize that I've fallen into the "trap" of sewing items in styles and fabrics I liked, but didn't give much thought to how all these pieces would fit into my wardrobe. As a result, I have many pieces that don't really go with anything else.

To try and fix that, I'm now planning my future makes in sort of capsules where each piece can be worn with everything else in the capsule. I'm hoping this is going to help me wear my me made garments in a lot of different ways and therefore get more "mileage" out of each piece.

Now that I've shared my overall thoughts, let's get started with the review of week 3!

I kicked-off the week with one of my favourite makes from last year: my Love Notions La Bella Donna in a super fun shoe print I purchased from DG Patterns a long time ago. I love this top so much! The fabric is light and breezy and the fit is really good. I wore it with my grey Arden pants and although the combo sort of works, it's really not super fun or interesting. Last Summer, I wore with this top with pink shorts and that worked really well. I am on the hunt for the perfect shorts pattern this year so I'll have to remember to make fun coloured shorts to wear with this top.

On May 16, I wore my hot off the machine Saybrook Tank by Cashmerette in a gorgeous red cotton jersey fabric from The Fabric Snob. I blogged about the tank here. It definitely is a little small and I've now decided to gift it to my mom who is smaller than me and would look beautiful in that red tank. With the Saybrook, I wore my Helen's Closet Blackwood Cardigan in a gorgeous Art Gallery fabric.

On Day 17, I wore a Helen's Closet Ashton top with the sleeve expansion (Note: The Ashton top is on sale for the month of May). I have many more Ashtons planned for this summer - with and without the sleeves. I do need to make some pattern modifications when I use the sleeves though because the shoulders are obviously too wide for me. But I like the length and the neckline. This top probably won't see a lot of action for the next few months, but will definitely return in the Fall.

On May 18, I wore the garment that makes me the proudest: my Helen's Closet Gilbert Top. Are you guys starting to see a pattern here? Yes - I'm a huge Helen's Closet fan! This shirt had a lot of firsts for me and although it is far from perfect, I learned so much while making it. I'm wearing it here with a RTW maxi shirt and I love the combo! I'll be wearing this outfit A LOT this Summer! If you'd like to read all about my Gilbert, the blog post is here.

On May 19, I wore head to toe me-made! My Closet Core Patterns Cielo top from last Summer came out of storage and I decided to try wearing it with my Seamwork Moji pants. I like this outfit! The top fits me better this year - it was a bit big for me when I first made it and those pants are just so comfortable. In fact, I might try to make another pair of these pants in a lighter weight knit (this is a Ponte and a little warm for hot weather).

I didn't post on Day 20 because I had a 6:30 am meeting for work and really didn't have the will or the time to do anything other than throw on a top and a pair of shorts. I wore a Cedar Dolman I shared back in week 1 so didn't bother posting it to IG.

But on Day 21, I wore a Love Notions Vivace Dolman in a beautiful textured fabric from Blackbird Fabrics. I made this top last year and I'm amazed it has no stains on it at all! I will wear this top a lot this Summer. I wish the hem was a bit higher but I like the neckline detail.

Amongst all of the planning for garment sewing, I've also been working on a new quilt which is taking me a lot longer than I thought it would. But it's going to be good one I think. I'm really hoping to share the finished quilt here very soon.


  1. Of all the garments you have shown, my favourite is the red tank top with the white cardigan. It looks beautiful on you. I know you thought the tank was too tight but I think it looks great!


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