The Ella Quilt by Kitchen Table Quilting

I'm not sure how I didn't buy the Ella Quilt pattern when it first came out because I love the design! And of course I can't remember when I saw this pattern again or what prompted me to buy it this time around, but when I was making my sewing plans for the first quarter of 2021, it needed to be part of those plans.

The pattern requires a background fabric (I used Kona Ash) and 8 fat quarters. I really like that as far as colours and prints, anything goes really for this pattern. I had a lot of fun choosing the fat quarters I used for this quilt. Most of them unfortunately didn't have the fabric designer on the selvage so I can't list all of them, but they had all been part of my stash for a while. 

The back is another vintage sheet my husband found a while ago. It is incredibly soft and snuggly - the perfect quilt back.

And I made the binding with leftovers from the fat quarters and a longer piece I had which remained from the Oh Happy Day! quilt I finished back in December.

I used Aurifil #2600 (Dove) in 50 wt to quilt my favourite wavy vertical lines. I decided to quilt them a little more densely that is usual for my quilts. I like that some of the lines intersect, creating an almost "wood"-like pattern.

The details:

I don't have plans for this quilt, no recipient in mind. So it will be added to the pile of small quilts to be gifted if and when the need arises.


  1. I like how you worked with warm and cool color groupings. Looks like a great design for some fat quarters!

  2. This is a great pattern. Your version is wonderful.

  3. Very nice! I love how you quilted it, too.


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