Oh Happy Day! Quilt Finish

The quilt I'm sharing today had been on my list for a long time - since November 2016 to be exact. It was the quilt of the month Modern Quilt Guild members had access to and because I'm a huge fan of its designer - Yvonne Fuchs from Quilting Jetgirl - I just had to download it. Yvonne has since added the pattern to her shop here. It's a great quilt with fabulous instructions - I highly recommend it.

Yvonne's version was in a gorgeous orange and cream. When I flipped through my Kona card, the Emerald green really spoke to me for some reason. I'm not sure why - green has never been my favourite colour. The contrast light fabric is Kona Pond. I'm super pleased with the result.

I really wanted to quilt this one with straight lines but the thought of marking all those lines just didn't appeal. So I stitched in the ditch where the blocks were sewn together in rows, stitched right down the centre of the blocks and again in the centre of these new lines. I completely eyeballed it and the lines came out pretty straight.

The back is a very inexpensive minty flannel I think I bought from Fabric.com a while ago. I had just enough of it for this project and it matches the Kona Pond pretty closely - I have had a few of these really happy coincidences lately which is amazing.

And I used Kona Emerald for the binding because just like what Yvonne did with her quilt, I really wanted the binding to "blend" into the quilt and not stand out too much.

The details:


  1. The colors are stunning together, and I would have never known that green doesn't speak to you that much. I love it when happy coincidences happen, like the great match with the backing and Kona Pond. What a beautiful version of Oh Happy Day!

  2. Oh wow - this is really really cool! Love your color combination too!

  3. Beautiful quilt, I love these colors together! The backing is a lovely match too. Congratulations on the finish!

  4. It's awesome. This pattern is on my radar to make. Well done.


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