A New Outfit: Ashton and Moji

About a week ago, because the weather here really turned and it's now officially fall, I decided to take my Fall/Winter clothes out of storage. While I was doing it, I took an inventory of everything I have and everything that would be appropriate for working from home. Like a lot of people, the fact that I've been home all the time for months now means I've been eating more and moving less. As a result, I gained a few pounds and many of the pants I wore last Winter don't fit comfortably anymore.

So I need bottoms, lots of bottoms. My preference right now is comfy bottoms and tops I can layer with cardigans. Enter the Moji pants by Seamwork and the Ashton top by Helen's Closet.

Let's start with the Moji pants. I made this pattern last year in a black double knit and I've been wearing those a lot lately. They are crazy comfortable and thanks to the elastic waistband, they fit pretty well still.

For this second version, I used a silver Ponte from Minerva.com. The fabric is super soft and has a surprising amount of stretch for a Ponte. In fact, I ordered a few colours of the fabric at the same time and this one is very different from the others. Which is a little weird. Anyhow...

These feel and look much bigger than my black pair. Except from the back. The back feels a little snug so there are funny drag lines. Not that I overly care - they are soft, comfortable and no one is going to see them while I work. That's the best part of video calls - you really only need to worry about the top half of your clothes!

The details:

Now let's discuss the Ashton top. I scrolled through the hashtag on Instagram before making mine and I couldn't find a single version that didn't look absolutely awesome on their maker. Most people said the pattern fit them pretty much as is so I decided to throw caution to the wind and cut into my fashion fabric without making a muslin first.

The fabric is a viscose twill from Blackbird Fabrics. I had 1.5 meters of it and I only have about 1/3 of a meter left but I did make the longer version. It is the perfect fabric for this top - just the right amount of drape and it wasn't a complete nightmare to sew.

This pattern is a really easy and quick sew, even with the French seams and facings. And it fits perfectly! I'm in love with my top and it's going to be perfect layered under a black cardigan over the next few months.

The details:


  1. Both are super cute on you! I'm not about to start sewing my own clothes, but I'm sure impressed that you are!


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