My first pair of me-made pants!

Let me start by saying taking pictures of finished quilts is a lot easier than taking pictures of me wearing me-made clothes! I'm either going to buy myself a tripod and find somewhere to take pictures or I'll have to make sure someone is available to help when I finish something.

Anyhow, I made some pants! These are the Seamwork Moji.

I made them out of a very inexpensive double knit from The colour is black and extremely difficult to photograph so I apologize for the lack of proper detailed photos.

The Moji pants are a relaxed kind of pant with a cuff at the bottom and a drawstring waist. These were a trial version so I decided to omit the drawstring and inserted elastic instead.

I didn't make any adjustments to this first pair but next time, I think I'll lengthen the back rise (the waist sits annoyingly low on the back). There is also a little too much fabric on the front so I think I'll research the cause of that extra puffiness so I can make that adjustment as well next time.

These pants were a super easy sew - I mean, the fit is extremely forgiving and the pattern is really, really clearly written. I think I picked a good one for my first pair of pants.

The details:


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