A Second Closet Core Pouf

Making myself another Closet Core Pouf had been on my list of sewing goals for this year, but I had no idea what fabrics to use. I ordered red fabric about a month ago to make new curtains and decided that fabric would be perfect to make the pouf.

The other red fabric (the one with the tiny white stars) is leftover from a quilt back. I didn't take a picture of the bottom of the pouf, but it's another fabric leftover from a quilt back. 

I didn't add piping around the top and bottom circles like I did for my first one. And I now regret it... I much prefer the look of the pouf with piping.

I stuffed the pouf with dressmaking fabric scraps I've been keeping since August 2020. And I have a bag full of them still... I'll probably make these poufs every 6 months at the rate I'm going.

The details:
  • Pattern: Closet Case Patterns Pouf (I can't link to the pattern because you can get it for free if you sign-up for their newsletter)
  • Fabrics: All leftovers and scraps from previous projects

I'm not sure where this pouf will reside... the red does match the new kitchen curtains but I don't really need a pouf in the kitchen so maybe this will remain in my bedroom for now. It does go well with my slippers!


  1. It is a great match for your slippers! Looks super fun!


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