The Monica Pleated Skirt

I don't wear dresses and skirts very much - I've just always been a pants kind of person. And I can't remember what prompted me to buy the Monica skirt pattern (5 out of 4 Patterns) - I probably saw someone on Instagram wearing one and got intrigued. 

The skirt pictured on the cover of the pattern is the maxi version and it is so beautiful, I decided right then and there to buy it. I don't really wear maxi skirts in the winter months - just too impractical with the snow and the slush everywhere but I thought I could make a version for the summer.

To see if this kind of skirt would actually look good on me, I decided to make it up in the knee-length version first. If it was successful, I could wear it during the colder months with tights.

Please forgive the dog food on the floor - my dog has got to be the messiest eater in the universe!

The pattern warns you to pick a fabric with good recovery so that the waistband doesn't stretch out of shape. The only fabric I had in my stash that I was willing to sacrifice for this test version was a purple Ponte from Minerva. It does have elastane in it, but doesn't bounce back into shape at all. As a result, this skirt fits me perfectly when I first put it on in the morning, but by lunch time, it is way too big.

Besides the really poor choice of fabric, I really like my skirt! Thanks to the knit fabric, the waistband is really comfortable and there is a lot of ease at the hips. 

The pleats are a really nice design feature but I never wear tops tucked-in so you don't really see them very well.

The details:

So not a total success, but good enough to wear right now and I'll definitely be making the maxi version for next summer, once I find a fabric with good recovery and light enough to wear when it's really, really hot.


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