Scrappy Posie Baby Quilt

I had so much fun making this baby quilt! The pattern is super quick and easy, I used a bunch of colourful scraps and the quilting is something I hadn't done in a long, long time.

And now that I'm looking at the pictures properly, I love it even more!

The pattern is "Scrappy Posie" by Bonjour Quilts. It's actually a free pattern and it comes in only one size (42" square), but because it's basically just HSTs and squares sewn together, you can easily size up or down. It would be really, really cool made bigger with 6" squares so as an 84" square quilt.

As I said, I quilted this in a way that I haven't used in a really long time. I first quilted in the ditch along each column and row. I had forgotten how challenging staying exactly in the "ditch" can be! But this was really great practice.

I then stitched diagonal lines both ways to end up with a grid. The thread I used is Aurifil Dove (#2600) in 50 wt which all but disappears against most of the colours in the quilt. I didn't mark my lines or use tape - just eyeballed it and it works I think... definitely "organic" for some of the lines, but perfection is not what I was after.

I do want to mention that this is probably the best grid quilting I've ever done. I avoided intersecting lines because I used to get lots of puckers. But no puckers in sight on this quilt and I think it's because I thread basted it. The thread basting does secure the layers together very well, but it also has a little bit of give which is very helpful to avoid puckers.

The back is a length of fabric I had left from another project. It was about 44" square which meant I needed to be very precise when basting this quilt top which measures 42" square. That's also partly why I chose not to quilt this very densely - I had very little wiggle room.

The binding is blue fabric I had from a Christmas quilt I made years ago. I decided to go with it because it was big enough and I didn't think you'd be able to tell this is Christmas fabric.

The details:

I'm super happy with this! The colours just make me smile... I think I'll have to make a bigger version!


  1. The colors are so bright and vibrant; it's a very happy quilt. I would have never known the binding was a Christmas print, so that definitely worked well, and I am a sucker for straight line quilting and a good grid. :)

  2. oh yeah. This is very fun. I love how flexible the size can be, depending on your square size. And your grid quilting if perfect - yay!


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