A New Top! Finished McCall's M7331 Tee

Now that the weather is about to change and that I won't be wearing thick sweaters and cardigans for much longer (one can hope!), I started looking through my stash of knit fabric for stuff I could use to make some cute tees.

I bought a bunch of McCall's patterns a while ago when they were on sale for $3.99 and included in the stack was M7331 which is basically a really cool module with four different patterns.

I made view B (the top with the elbow length sleeves) with scraps from my Blackwood cardigan.

This was such an easy sew! There is basically no shaping at all - no darts and very few seams. Even the collar is crazy easy - just turn down and topstitch.

I have to say - this is super comfy. The cotton knit fabric is really soft.

I think I'm going to have to buy all the knits and make a bunch of these tops for this summer.

The details:


  1. Love the CF print you chose and I bet it's super comfy! Bring on allll the knits ;)

  2. Impressive! It DOES look comfy and looks good on you too.


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