Cielo Dress ... and Top!

Back in September, I purchased the Rome pattern collection from Closet Case Patterns and then in October, I got to work sewing the Pietra pants from the collection. They were super easy to sew but they had some really interesting details to them so I was anxious to sew another pattern from the collection.

In November, I made a muslin of the Cielo top (view B). Although I really liked the results, I wanted to try making view A with the short sleeves with a flowy fabric. I also wanted to try to dress.

I started with the dress. Based on the muslin I made back in November, I knew a size 14 would be good, but I still wanted to test the fit over my hips as well as the length (I like skirts and dresses to hit me at the knee or a little bit below). For my test, I went with a Cotton & Steel cotton in a cute print.

The fit was good - the length was just how I like it and it was really comfortable on top and around the hips.

However, as much as I love the pockets in the front, the fact that the dress has no shaping around the waist isn't flattering on me at all. There is one version of the dress which comes with no pockets, but which would allow me to add a belt so I might try that one instead.

After this failed attempt at sewing the Cielo dress, I decided to use some Tencel Twill I purchased from Blackbird Fabrics to make the short sleeve top. I once again went with a straight size 14 but lengthened the pattern by 2 inches.

The fabric is amazing to the touch and it drapes beautifully, but boy oh boy it was challenging to sew with. As a result, my darts look a little bit funny and there are definitely some minor issues with the set-in sleeves. But there's no way I'm going to let that stop me from wearing this top!

So now that the fit on this pattern is pretty good, I just need to make more so that I can nail sewing this with nice and flowy fabric. This is going to be such an amazing top for the summer!


  1. They're both so cute, Izzy! I'm quite partial to the dress as I bet it will be fantastic when the heat hits this summer ;)


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