A Precarious Quilt Finish

Like many quilters, my sewing room is in danger of being overtaken by scraps! I have a shoebox-size plastic bin full of scraps for every colour of the rainbow and in some cases, a couple of bins for the same colour. So at the start of this year, I knew I really needed to get these scraps under control. For 2020, I want to make AT LEAST five scrappy quilts and Precarious is the first one.

The pattern is from the book Stash Statement by Kelly Young. I purchased this book a while ago (because I've been trying to manage my scraps for years now!) and I've done one other quilt from the book: Regatta.

The background is a Kona cotton (can't remember the exact colour) and I really like how the scraps pop next to the grey.

The quilting is wavy horizontal lines with the walking foot. I've got some intense drag lines on there which drives me a bit crazy but I'm hoping once the quilt is washed, those drag lines will disappear somewhat. According to the little bit of research I did, the reason I'm getting drag lines is because I'm not alternating the direction in which I stitch the lines. I've basically been starting in the center of the quilt and then quilt all the lines to the right. I then rotate the quilt and do the same thing to the other side. I've always quilted lines this way and never had issues with drag lines until recently, but maybe I need to try alternating the direction of each line... 

The backing is a navy blue print with small green flowers. And the binding was pieced together from leftover binding strips.

The details:
  • Pattern: Precarious from the book Stash Statement by Kelly Young
  • Size: 54.5" x 64.5"
  • Fabrics: Kona grey (background) and scraps 
  • Thread: Pieced and quilted with Aurifil #2600 in 50 wt


  1. I agree that the bold, bright colors really pop against the gray. I look forward to seeing you work through your scraps this year. Did this quilt make much of a dent?

  2. oh those scraps! FIVE scrappy quilts is a worthy goal! GOOD LUCK!
    Those drag lines are a mystery - sometimes I get them sometimes I don't. I haven't found quilting in opposite directions necessarily helps. I get then sometimes but not always, and I always quilt in the same direction. For a while I thought maybe it was dependent on the fabric, but I don't know. Anyway yours is a nice finish!!

  3. These colours are fantastic, Izzy! Love how you've paired them - and they really pop against the gray. As for the drag lines, I've gotten them before too. I'm not really sure what caused them though. I always quilt starting in the middle work one way, then flip and work the other way. I've tried alternating after each line and found that was worse for the dragging. Can't wait to see your 4 other scrappy quilts you have planned for this year!

  4. It's a lovely quilt Izzy. So satisfying to make something beautiful and useful from scraps. :-)


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