My Grey Elliot Tee by Helen's Closet

One of the very first garments I made for myself was a Helen's Closet pattern - the York Pinafore. You can read all about it here. Since that first pinafore, I purchased many of Helen's patterns. They are extremely well drafted, well written and they are classic, basic pieces we all need in our closets.

In addition to the York Pinafore, I also made a Blackwood Cardigan (blogged here) and a practice Elliot Tee.

A couple of weeks ago, I thought it was time to make my "real" Elliot Tee. I've had 3 yards of a stretchy fabric in a beautiful grey for what seems like forever so decided to use it for my new tee. I purchased this jersey from but sadly it is no longer available. I say sadly because it is super soft, really easy to work with and has amazing recovery.

So here is my finished Elliot Tee!

I made view C but added the collar from view B in a size Large. I made no modifications at all to the pattern - that's another reason why I love Helen's patterns. They are drafted for a person who is 5' 6" and I'm 5' 5" so things usually fit me without needing to adjust the length.

I obviously need more practice sewing on the collar though because I keep getting these annoying little pleats (you can see them on the back as well). But they don't bother me too much. I'll get better at this with practice I'm sure.

Otherwise, I'm pretty darn pleased with my new top. It's comfortable, perfect for layering in the cold months and will be just as cute worn alone when the weather gets warmer.

The details:


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