The Cielo Top - Practice Version

When I signed-up for Closet Case Patterns' Learn How to Sew Clothing online class, I also got access to three of their latest patterns. I already made the Pietra pants and blogged about them here and now I've made a practice version of the Cielo Top and Dress.

The good:

I really love how easy this top came together and the pattern instructions are simply fabulous. I like the fit at the shoulders and the length is good (I added 3 inches at the shorten/lengthen line).

I also absolutely love the crazy big sleeves!

The bad:

Because this was always going to be a practice piece to see the fit, the length and so on, I used an inexpensive cotton poplin in a pink colour that really does nothing for my complexion! It's also crazy stiff and doesn't feel great against the skin. Anyhow, probably not the best type of fabric for this pattern. It would probably look way better in something a little softer, drapier and flowy.

I made a size 14 based on my body measurements and because the fabric is so structured, it's hard to tell if I should have sized down. I have a really nice rayon that I purchased from Blackbird Fabrics recently that would be amazing for this top. I might try using that fabric next time I make this.

Adjustments I'll make for next time:

As I said, I'll use a fabric will a little more drape. I'm also going to try the top with the short sleeves. As much as I love those big statement sleeves, a short sleeves I can wear a cardigan over might work better for me.

I might also try blending a size 14 at the shoulders and arms down to a 12 at the waist and hips. I think I'll also lengthen by only 2 inches so it hits me right at the hip bone.

I'll share my next version as soon as it's ready!


  1. OMG - I LOVE it, Izzy! Those sleeves are beyond amazing! Minus the fact that you said the fabric is stiff, this looks like it would be super cozy in a rayon or linen. Can't wait to see your next version :)


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