Making Plans for 2018

I love that week between Christmas and New Year's Day. I'm usually on vacation during that time and it's typically very, very cold, so I like to stay indoors and make plans for the new year. So far this week, I finished a quilt, I cleaned my sewing room, and I started making plans with my new Quilter's Planner.

2018 Planning Party

Last year, I didn't really make plans for my quilting - all I wanted to do is use up my scraps and sew my stash. I think I was really successful there. I completed 15 scrappy projects and 14 quilts in all sizes were made from the fabric I already had in my stash.

This year, I have a few more plans and I will be linking up those plans at Yvonne's blog for her #2018PlanningParty.

1.  Make Garments

I sewed clothes when my kids were little. I made them entire outfits and I even made clothes I wore to work. But for some reason, I stopped and whenever I tried to start again, I was never able to make garments that fit me properly. This year, I want to make garments again. I got a Singer Serger for Christmas and I plan on using it to make clothes. Clothes for me and clothes for my grand-babies.

To accomplish this goal, I will:
  • Learn how to use my serger (probably with a Craftsy or Creative Bug class)
  • Make an easy woven top for myself
  • Make an easy knit top for myself
  • Make dresses for the grand-girls
2.  Make at least two bags

I love homemade bags but I have yet to make one with pockets, zippers and adjustable straps. To be completely honest, they scare me a little bit. This year, I decided I was going to make at least two bags:
3.  Make a series of mini quilts based on Josef Albers' work

I have an app on my iPad that allows me to "play" with Albers' colour studies. I want to make a series of mini quilts based on those colour studies. To accomplish this goal, I will:
  • Choose 6 colour studies to use as inspiration for my mini quilts
  • Make one mini quilt (about 20" square) every 2 months (Feb, Apr, June, Aug, Oct and Dec)
I hope you all have a happy, healthy, peaceful and productive 2018!


  1. You've got a great list of goals, and I wish you the best with them. I hadn't heard of Josef Albers, so I looked him up. Wow - they would make great quilts. I look forward to seeing your pieces!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing and linking up your goals, Izzy. I really look forward to seeing your mini quilts series based on Josef Albers' work. Happy New Year!

  3. I love that you want to make some clothes! I've been wanting to tackle that for years now, but totally intimidated!! Look forward to seeing what you create :)

  4. I really like your new decorative designs! it's so beautiful so much and good idea on site.



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