May is for Makers - Week 3

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I've mentioned this before on this blog: my scrap bins are OVERFLOWING!  I swear these scraps multiply when my back is turned!  So in an effort to try and reduce the size of my scrap bins, this week's May is for Makers purchase is Tokyo Subway Map by Elizabeth Hartman.

I will be making the full size (80" square) which means 994 2.5" squares in a variety of colours.  I know, I know - this is insane!  I think I'll probably have to spend the summer cutting squares for this one, but it'll be the perfect thing to do while at the island on the weekend.  I can bring my rotary cutter and mat and spend a few hours every weekend cutting.  Or maybe I should invest in a cutting machine!  :-)

What about you?  What is the craziest quilt you've ever done?  I would love to hear in the comments.


  1. 994 squares!!! Holy cow you're nuts! :D But it'll be fabulous once finished.

    I once did a baby quilt with about 300 half-square triangles and after all the sewing and squaring I was so sick of them! Lots of practise at doing them accurately though ;)

  2. I love this purchase, Izzy! And, yes, 994 squares is quite the number to tackle, but think of how accomplished you will feel once it is all done ;)

    The most detailed quilt I've tackled to date is my large Dresden plate quilt, which has 500 Dresden blades. There were times I thought it would never get done, but I kept telling myself how awesome it will be once completed. That's what's getting me through the hand quilting now!!

  3. Awesome quilt design! That is a crazy number of squares though :)


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