My First Crochet Blanket – A Friday Finish

I’m on fire!  Three Friday Finishes in a row!

The finish I’m sharing today is a little bit different fromwhat you are used to seeing from me though. I finished my very first crochet blanket this week.  Yay!

The pictures aren't great - I only had a 10 year-old on hand to help out and it was snowing really hard so not a great time to try artsy photographs!

This project started during the holidays as a way for me to practice my crochet skills.  I didn’t want to do anything fancy – just double-crochet rows in a variety of fun colours.  I bought six skeins of RedHeart Super Saver yarn at my local Michael’s and just switched colour whenever I would run out of yarn. 

As you can see from the picture, the size is just big enough for my 10 year-old to hide behind and is perfect as a couch blanket for whoever is in the mood for a nap.   It finishes at about 50” x 60”.

Project Details:

Yarn:  6 skeins of RedHeart Super Saver in 6 different colours
Hook:  Size I
Stitch: Double-crochet

This is finish number 3 on my 2015 Q1 FAL list.



  1. I love this blanket, the bands of color are great and it looks nice and warm and snugly.

  2. Nice finish, Izzy! What a great way to refresh your skills and make something useful. Your helper did a great job:)

  3. Three finishes in a row, I need some of your motivation! Congrats on another beautiful finish :)

  4. Love this! The colors really pop. I could see a quilt like this. :)


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