1st Quarter FAL - Recap

It's time to check-in at She Can Quilt and see how I did during the 1st quarter of 2013. Back at the beginning of January, my list was:

Quilt Leap Year - Leap Year was the only Schnibble from 2012 that wasn't yet quilted. Happy to report that it got quilted.

Finish Charming Stars - I made this quilt for my lovely daughter-in-law. This one also got done and gifted.

Quilt Daisy Chains - This was a super old UFO that had been sitting in my pile of tops for a couple of years. When we re-decorated my 15 year-old's bedroom, she decided she wanted Daisy Chains on her bed. So it got quilted and is now on her bed!

And last, but certainly not least, I wanted to quilt The Big EZ. My original plan was to keep this quilt for our bedroom in the city, but that changed when step-daughter moved back in with us and asked that her new room be painted purple. The Big EZ suddenly became the perfect quilt for her bed. Here's a picture of it now, but I'll write another post with all the details tomorrow.

So I managed to get everything on my list finished this quarter. I am super happy about that. And in the process, the 3 girls got new quilts!

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  1. Well done on achieving your goals. You obviously are good at knowing what you are capable of getting done in a set time!

  2. The Quilt Leap Year reminds me of a quilt on the wall in the film Footloose, I've always said I'd like to do it... but we all know... wanting to so it and doing it are two completely different things... I do like the browns and greens together, nice muted, calming quilt.


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