Quilting The Big EZ

About a week ago, I signed up for Leah Day's Craftsy class on FMQ a sampler quilt. I watched a couple of lessons last week and decided to put into practice some of her designs on The Big EZ this weekend.

First, let me say this - I love Leah's style of teaching and watching her videos made me feel a lot better about trying out FMQ on a big quilt. Even her stitching isn't perfect... so how could I possibly expect mine to be? :-)

The first thing I did when I got to the cottage on Friday was modify my universal FMQ foot, as she demonstrated in her lesson.

Making these modifications made a world of difference right away. I can now easily see my stitches and have a much better control over the machine.

The Big EZ has a bunch of large squares separated by sashing. I started with some stitching in the ditch with my walking foot and then decided to use a different design for each type of fabric for the squares.

For the purple butterflies, I went with a beautiful paisley design.

I didn't use a practice sandwich for any of these, I just jumped right in and started stitching on the quilt. My stitches are far from perfect - I'll need lots more practice to gain consistency in my stitch length and my curves are a little bit choppy in places, but overall, I'm quite pleased with the paisley I managed to stitch.
In the small purple floral squares, I went with some pebbling.

In the yellow floral squares, I decided to go with a square spiral.

Next, I tried some wandering clovers in the huge pink squares. I love this design!

In the 4 patch squares, I went with 2 different designs. Pine Needles in the neutral part and spirals in the prints.

And finally, I decided to try some echo shells in the large inner border. My "shells" are far from consistent and they need quite a bit of work, but not bad for my first time.

I managed to quilt one square of each design this weekend and plan on continuing next weekend when I get to the cottage. This quilt is a gift for my step-daughter and I'm sure she won't mind some of the wonky stitching so that took a lot of the fear out for me.

Thanks for these lessons by Leah Day, quilting isn't as unpleasant for me as it used to be. I actually had a lot of fun quilting these designs. But seeing Leah quilt on that spectacular Janome Horizon 7700 though made me wish I had a higher-end machine to use. Maybe I need to start saving my pennies! :-)

I hope you had a fantastic weekend everyone and thank you so much for visiting!



  1. Great work! I think sometimes we tell ourselves we can't quilt that great and so either don't try or else we work on sample pieces. I think it is great that you took the plunge and worked on a quilt right off. Yes, it isn't perfect, but I always say that a FINISHED quilt is so much more usable than an unfinished one! And, you get better so quickly!

  2. It looks just beautiful! Which class are you taking, the old or the new one? I keep wanting to take one, but am unsure which to choose.

  3. Your quilting is amazing. Truly! Maybe I should sign up for that class.

  4. I was just wondering, do you hve that link to Leah's lesson you mentioned? I am working on perfecting my FMQ too. I am getting better with each quilt, I am wanting to change my pressure foot if there is a better one. I have a Singer Quantum atylist9960 Thanks!

  5. Beautiful quilting Izzy! Wow! Impressive :-) Way to go!!!!!!

  6. Your quilting looks amazing - great job!

  7. Izzy, you did such an awesome job! I need to get my go on and try FMQ myself! Bravo for you!


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