Sewing in the City!

I follow and read lots of quilting blogs and I'm so inspired by everything I see.  But, as inspired as all of those blog posts make me feel, they also sometimes make me feel like I'm not nearly as productive as I would like to be.  As you know, my sewing room and stash are in the country so I only get to sew on weekends or during vacation.  I do like to spend some of my weekends with family and doing things with the kids so my sewing time is somewhat limited.

Last week, I mentioned to my sweetie that I might want to bring one of my sewing machines to the city so I can get a little bit of sewing done on week nights.  Well...  I came home from work one night and he had cleaned up a huge area of the basement, put an old table in there and freed up some shelves.  I had a new sewing room in the city!  I was so excited.

The floor needs a good coat of paint, but it'll do for now!  This is my little ironing station.  Notice Bibelot and Decoy sitting pretty on that chair?  :-)

My new sewing table!  Can you see the storage in the back?  I need to move some stuff around back there, but once I'm done, it'll be perfect for books, magazines and some of my pre-cuts!

So which project did I decide to start with in my new city sewing room?  A baby quilt.  A good friend of mine just had a little baby boy and I decided to make him a little quilt from charm squares.  I found the tutorial on the Moda Bakeshop and used leftover charms I had that looked a boyish. 

Sorry about the bad picture!  The lighting really isn't great in the basement and there's no way I can take a picture outside today!

The baby's name is Adam...  did you guess?  :-)

I will hopefully have time to prepare the backing and start basting this little quilt tomorrow night so it can be quilted and delivered early next week.

Now that I can sew during the week, I might actually start blogging a little more regularly too!  :-)

Have a great week everyone and to all my friends on the East Coast... Stay Safe!



  1. What a wonderful guy your husband is! The baby quilt looks wonderful too.

  2. What a great husband you have! You should never think you are not productive enough--sometimes when I read about your Schnibbles and other quilts I wonder how you find the time to sew at all. You are amazing! Adam's quilt looks great.

  3. The baby quilt is fabulous and how great that you are no longer limited as to when you can sew!!! Your husband is a very sweet man to find you some space. I've no doubt that before long, you will have it all in order!

  4. How sweet of him!! You are a lucky girl! I love Adam's quilt! I may have to try that pattern the next time I need a baby quilt. Thanks for the inspiration and have getting that space in order!!

  5. Your quilt is great. I wish my husband would make me more room. You cann't be that slow with all the things you do. It's hard for me to find time to do as much as I would like to and having my own shop I even have all the fabric that I could possibly want.

  6. You have a great Sweetie! I hope I can find one someday. ;) Glad you have a little corner to work in at home.

  7. What a nice sewing space! How sweet :-) That's a sweet baby quilt too!


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