WIP Wednesday

This last weekend was pretty busy and eventful.  First, I had the day off on Friday so drove to the cottage with the dog planning for a full day of quilting.  Well, thank goodness I didn't have plans to be outside because a tornado hit the small town that's near our cottage!  Wind, rain and ... ice pellets!

Look at the size of that ice pellet next to the arrow!
Anyhow, I spent most of the day working on the quilting for Two Percent and managed to finish quilting 2 more blocks!  So I'm at 4 blocks completed out of 9.  (Sorry, forgot to take pictures!)

Then I pin basted and quilted Summer Day, the April Schnibbles you can read all about here.  I'm hoping to put the binding on it this weekend.

And, of course, a few more grannies got made over the course of the week.  Here's what the afghan looks like so far:

And since I'm linking up at Freshly Pieced for WIP Wednesday, here are some stats:

In progress (actual work getting done):
- Two Percent (4 blocks quilted so far - 5 more to go, plus the border and binding)
- Afghan (about 1/2 way done with the grannies)
- Summer Day (need to finish the binding)

Tops waiting for a backing and quilting:
- Daisy Chains (top was completed in July 2010 - I don't even have a picture of it it's been so long!)
- Doc (this is the May Schnibbles - hoping to have this one quilted and done by end of this month)
- Hourglass Patches (top was completed in February 2011 - this one was made with X-Mas fabric so no rush to get it all done)
- Nine Patch Flip (top was completed in December 2011 - I can't decide on a backing for this one and that's why it's been sitting in my pile of unquilted tops all this time)
- Pandora's Box (top was completed in June 2011 - I really love this top, but can't find the proper backing)
- The Big EZ (top completed November 2011 - have the backing fabric, but not enough of it!)

- None this week

New Projects:
- None this week

Hope you all add a wonderful week...



  1. Your afgan looks cuddly! The weather here has been cruddy, but no ice pellets at least!

  2. Glad the tornado didn't do any damage to your cottage. Congrats on getting all the quilting done. Have you started Leap Year yet? I just realized I never checked to make sure you got it free from Sherri or Sinta. If you didn't, let me know.


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