WIP Wednesday

Progress was made this week!  I was really tired of not finishing anything for the past few weeks so I bit the bullet last weekend, and finally basted and quilted my Girly Squares quilt.   Here's a picture of the finished quilt, if you want to read all about the finish and see more pictures, click here.

I also made progress in the crochet department... made a few more granny squares for the "never ending" afghan I'm making.  I've got between 40 and 50 grannies done - I'm dreading the day when I'll have to sit for hours weaving in those ends!

I've got Friday off this week so with an extra day, I'm hoping to make significant progress on the quilting of Two Percent... perhaps even complete 3 or 4 more squares!  Two Percent has been a WIP for so long now, here's a picture of it "pre-quilting" in case you don't remember what the darn thing looks like anymore!

Here we go with the progress report:

In progress (actual work getting done):
- Two Percent (2 blocks quilted so far - 7 more to go, plus the border and binding)
- Afghan (about 1/2 way done with the grannies)

Tops waiting for a backing and quilting:
- Daisy Chains (top was completed in July 2010 - I don't even have a picture of it it's been so long!)
- Doc (this is the May Schnibbles - hoping to have this one quilted and done by end of this month)
- Hourglass Patches (top was completed in February 2011 - this one was made with X-Mas fabric so no rush to get it all done)
- Nine Patch Flip (top was completed in December 2011 - I can't decide on a backing for this one and that's why it's been sitting in my pile of unquilted tops all this time)
- Pandora's Box (top was completed in June 2011 - I really love this top, but can't find the proper backing)
- Summer Day (this is the April Schnibbles - also hoping to have this one complete by end of June)
- The Big EZ (top completed November 2011 - have the backing fabric, but not enough of it!)

- Girly Squares!  (see above for link and picture)

New Projects:
- None this week, but I'm planning on cutting into some charms for the June Schnibbles - Leap Year.

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  1. I love you two percent quilt. And I agree with the grannie squares, I have never crocheted any of those because you have to sew them together.

  2. Happy belated birthday Izzy! Love your Girly Squares and 2% they are both beautiful! Just dropped by to say Hi! Lisa

  3. I received a Sunshine Award and One Lovely Blog award and have passed them on to you :)


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