Birthday Present for ... Me!

Yes, I turned 43 this weekend... not particularly happy about it, but hey! Can't really avoid getting older can we? I did have a wonderful birthday however... lunch with my mom, sister, brother and all of the kiddies. Found out I was going to be an auntie again! :-) Very exciting stuff.

Then for dinner Saturday night, we had friends over at the cottage, ordered pizza, had cake and just chilled for most of the evening. I was turning 43 after all... I'm way past the all-night parties!

Over the weekend, I also finished quilting Girly Squares and yes - this one I'm keeping for myself and calling it my birthday present.

Girly Squares - made with 1/2 Jelly Roll of Giddy by Sandy Gervais

I quilted Girly Squares with straight-line stitching across all of the blocks (there are a few puckers in there, but who cares - this one was for me!  I got a little lazy with the pin basting I think...)

I can't help adding another picture - I love this quilt!  :-)

Oh and here's me blowing out the candle we had to "recycle" from my 8 year-old's birthday party last week... I guess my sweetie forgot to get candles!  :-)

The cake was delicious!

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Hope you had a wonderful weekend!



  1. Your quilt is beautiful! Happy 8th birthday;)

  2. Love it! Good to keep one for yourself, since you will be busy making a new one for your niece or nephew. Happy Birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday! I love your quilt!! I kept one for me (us actually) a couple of weeks ago and I must say that the one after the one I'm quilting right now will likely be another me (us) one.

  4. Happy Happy Birthday Izzy :-) Aren't the 40's the new 20's? That sounds good to me!! I hope you had a great one. Love the recycled candle :-)

  5. Happy Birthday!...the quilt is gorgeous....I would keep it too!

  6. Happy Birthday! I've got one coming up in July. The quilt is really pretty, too!

  7. Happy Birthday! Love your birthday quilt!

  8. I know what you mean about birthdays, but happy birthday to you anyway! The quilt turned out beautifully-- great colors, great quilting!

  9. Happy your gift to yourself! Love the colors and the pattern.


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