W.I.P. Wednesday

Another week has gone by and I'm afraid I really don't have a lot of quilty progress to show on this W.I.P. Wednesday.  The weather was just too beautiful to be in the house this weekend and I haven't figured out how to set-up my sewing machine outside yet...  I'm thinking I may need to purchase a gazebo, put my picnic table under it and use a looooong extension cord from the picnic table to the plug that's right outside the front door!  Hmmm... definitely something to consider for this upcoming weekend because the weatherman is saying we're going to have two gorgeous and hot days this weekend and it's a long weekend here in Canada.

In terms of progress for the last week, all I got done is finish cutting my California Girl charm squares and start piecing the blocks:

I decided to piece the blocks with 4 different colours of the same pattern and love how it looks.  To stay organized and make sure no "mistakes" were going to happen, I used this method:

1.  I cut all the pieces first
2.  I pieced all the HSTs
3.  I "assembled" each block on my cutting table and basically made a pile of unsewn blocks
4.  I piece each block one at a time... no chain piecing for this Schnibble!

I got as far as sewing the first block together before we had to leave and get back to the city:

Doesn't it look great?  :-)  I'm loving this pattern by the wonderful Carrie and I think California Girl is perfect for it.

This coming weekend, I hope to finish piecing Doc and do the quilting on another project.  I would like to have a finish to show for next Wednesday!

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  1. I love California Girl! It looks great in this pattern.

  2. Very pretty! I can't wait to see the entire quilt!

  3. I love these blocks. They are so pretty! : )

  4. Love the California girl. You made beautiful blocks. I agree about the weather. Good luck setting the machine outside! LOL!

  5. Lovely! So sweet! I think I might try this pattern.

  6. Terrific mix of fabric and pattern. Working on California Girl when it's sunny makes perfect sense.

  7. It looks brilliant! The block is lovely and I really adore that fabric :)

  8. California Girl is perfect for that pattern! And I love the combo of colours in that first finished block. Awesome!!

  9. You have to get outside when the sun shines, I wish it would shine in the UK!!

    Block looks great :)

  10. Your blocks are coming out great. I love Schnibbles and Miss Rosie! I have the first Schnibbles book.


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