W.I.P. Wednesday

I decided to include my knitting and crochet WIPs this week because I don't quilt all week and I'm enjoying knitting and crochet so much I'm starting projects like crazy, but having a really hard time finishing them!  And it's so funny because I'm the same way at work.  I love starting new projects, I get all excited about brainstorming ideas, getting the project plan done and then putting prototypes and storyboards together.  But then when the projects starts to slow down a bit or when I hit a bump in the road, I get a little discouraged and it takes a lot for me to stay focused on the job and get the project finished.

At work, I don't really have a choice, I have to finish the projects I work on.  I probably wouldn't keep my job for very long if I can`t finish what I start.  But with my hobbies, it's almost as though I give myself permission to "quit" on a project.  I have quilt tops that have been sitting in a drawer for over a year waiting to become a finished quilt, I have BOM blocks that have been waiting for me to sew them up for months and months.  And now I seem to have transferred this nasty habit onto my knitting and crochet!  Not good.

I hope to have all my quilting WIPs finished during 2012 and I'm now also going to keep track of my knitting/crochet WIPs as well.

Sewing WIPs:

I completed the March Schnibbles (the top only) this weekend.  You can read about it here.  I also made my very first zipper pouch this weekend, but more on that tomorrow.

Completed projects:  1 (zipper pouch)
In progress:  10 (most of which need a backing, some quilting and binding!)
New projects:  1 (zipper pouch)

Knitting/Crochet WIPs:

I started this pillow cover weeks ago to go with the Granny Square baby blanket I made.  But I ran out of yarn in those colours so need to get more.  I plan on using this tutorial to complete the pillow cover.

Next, is a sweater I started for myself months ago... probably more than a year ago!  This is a super easy pattern I found in a book I own.  The colour is a soft pink and I'm using cotton so it should be perfect for this summer... If I can get it finished!

And finally, I started working on a new granny square blanket last week.  I picked some vibrant colours for this one and I'm using Sugar 'n Cream 100% cotton.  So far, I'm loving it!

Completed projects:  0
In progress: 3 (all listed above)
New projects: 0

Linking up at Freshly Pieced for WIP Wednesday!  If you have a minute, go and check out what else is happening in blog land!


  1. love those wonderful granny squares! I'm making a big pile myself, out of all my leftover bits of sock yarn. It's such a satisfying square to make...

  2. I'm enjoying those granny squares. I'm a quilter, too but I love crocheting granny squares! I need to do a post about them! Your quilts in your header are lovely!

  3. You can definitely crochet a little owl, if you can do that. Your blogging friend! Sew Incredibly Crazy Amy

  4. I've never managed to figure out knitting, but I recently took up crochet. Your granny squared are awesome! I can't wait to try something like that, so far I've stuck to one colour....

  5. Great projects and isn't it neat that you don't have to finish them all in a certain order! Have fun!

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