T.N.T. Thursday

Yesterday, I posted my finish of Kaleidoscope.  What I didn't mention in yesterday's post was that I tried something new when I quilted this one...  Free motion quilting in the ditch!

Up until now, whenever I wanted to stitch in the ditch, I would put on my walking foot and do each line vertically and then each line horizontally.  For Kaleidoscope, I really wanted to stitch in the ditch around each square and using the walking foot would have taken forever and wrestling with the quilt while I try to turn it 90 degrees was not an option.

So I thought - why not try free motion quilting!  Well - let me tell you - this free motion quilting in the ditch is a lot harder than it looks!

But I persevered and after a couple of hours, I was done.  Here is a picture of the back where you can see the lines.  It's definitely not perfect, but I think it's pretty good for a first attempt.

Oh and I also quilted a cute motif of a moon and star in each centre block.  I'm quite happy with the results.

I'm linking up at Happy Quilting for T.N.T. Thursday.

What have you tried this week?


  1. It looks great. Love the stars and moons :) Way to try something new!! Thanks for linking up :)

  2. It looks brilliant!! I adore the moon and star :)

  3. You did much better than me - when I tried free motion stitch in the ditch you'd have thought I had tipped the bottle a little too much...and I don't drink. :) Good job! blessings, marlene

  4. You are a lot braver than me! I hate SITD with a walking foot let alone free motion :) Love the moon and the star!

  5. Great job and A pretty big project for your first attempt! Moons and Stars oh my!


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