Weigh In Wednesday

Weigh In Wednesday

It's Wednesday and over here this means time to Weigh In.  I really wasn't super good this week and barely exercised at all so the results aren't great.  But I keep telling myself this is a process, a life change, not a diet and not something I'm going to stop any time soon, so as long as there is progress, I'm going to be happy.

Here are my stats for this week:

Goal:  - 30 lbs
This week:  - 1.5 lbs
Total:  - 11.5 lbs

I noticed this week that one pair of pants that I wear for work is almost falling off me - you know your pants are getting a tad too big when the crotch sits almost mid-thigh!

I'm still counting my calories, I cut the number of morning coffees to 2 and I only put 2% milk in them, I have 1 cup of green tea every day and I started taking a multi-vitamin.  I have to say I'm feeling much better than I have in years.

And the best part of this whole thing is that because of the Wednesday Weigh In and the fact that I'm going to have to blog about my progress, I try to be very good.  I don't want to have to  tell you all that I gained weight during the week.  This accountability thing is a pretty good motivator!  :-)

I'm linking up to Missy Mac's again this week - be sure to go over and spread some encouragement!


  1. You are doing so great! I need to get going on this. The accountability would be great.

    If you have any Veranda scraps and want to trade something, I would love to do so. I love that fabric and will not be able to buy any. Just let me know!

  2. That's great Izzy!! I'm just waiting for my clothes to start falling of me ;)

  3. You are a real inspiration, Izzy. You seem to have such a great outlook on this whole experience - and such a determined spirit. I love reading your posts each week and am so exciting to see you lose and lose and lose. Thanks for being on this journey with me. :)

  4. wow 1.5 lbs! Way to Go, Izzy..You've really motivated me. I'm off to go swimming. :)

  5. You're doing great! And it's absolutely a life change, so true, we will all get to where we want to be eventually. Keep it up!


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