My February Schnibble is Done!

So the pattern this month was i.s.t.h.  I have to admit that I hesitated before ordering the pattern - I just wasn't sure I liked it and all those tiny little squares in the border!  Did I really want to spend all that time doing this one?

But - when I grabbed that "Another Year of Schnibbles" button in December, I was determined to get all 12 done (I've been known to sign-up for QALs and then quitting because I fall behind).  So here it is...

i.s.t.h. held by my lovely daughter Marianne.  Doesn't she look happy to be doing this for her mom?  :-)

I decided to go with 2 Northcote Range charm packs for i.s.t.h.  This collection really doesn't offer a whole lot in terms of "darks" or even "mediums", so I had to be a little creative.  I decided to keep all the darker charms for the stars to allow them to really pop.  I took me a long time to choose the background fabric for this one.  Nothing I had in my stash looked really good, so I had to settle for this pink.  It isn't the best, but it's not too too bad.  The pieced borders took FOREVER!  And I used blue fabric I had leftover from another project for the inner and outer top and bottom borders.

I can't say this was my favourite pattern to work on, but in the end, I think it looks pretty cute.  And I'm really happy I finished it in February!


  1. That is really pretty Izzy. I hesitated over this one also. It just didn't strike me as being that cute. I am glad I finished it, but I hope it will be a while before I do that many small HST squares!

  2. Yeah for the finish! The borders are well worth it :)

  3. Wow, me three! I wasn't "in love" with this quilt pattern either, and I think that was part of my struggle. Yours came out great!

  4. It's adorable! I love the pink and blue in it :-) The border looks great with the checkerboard fabric pattern you chose. Marianne did a great job :-) Sometimes I have trouble getting my quilt holders to understand what straight is!


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