Weekend Finishes

I had the most amazingly relaxing weekend!  My daughter spent the weekend with her dad and our youngest was spending the weekend at a friend's house so D and I were all alone at the cottage from Friday night until late afternoon Sunday! 

And what did I do?  I slept 10 hours both nights, ate seafood for supper Saturday night (the kids hate seafood!), watched 2 hockey games and spent a bit of time quilting.  What more could I ask for?

I didn't spend a whole lot of time quilting - that would not have been very romantic - but I did manage to get a couple of things finished.

I completed the quilting and put the binding on my small table top from last week:

The picture isn't great (I really need to start taking better pictures!), but this little quilt is now sitting on an end table waiting for a little brother for the other end table!  Maybe next weekend...

My other goal for the weekend was to start sewing Full House, January's Schnibble.  I got the pattern in the mail last week and couldn't wait to get started.

And here it is!  I cannot believe I managed to finish the top in one day!  The little house blocks are so much fun to put together.

I chose Blueberry Crumb Cake charm squares for this one and really like the results.  The red sashing and border came from my stash. 

And how was your weekend?


  1. What a great weekend!! You could have done a 'Ghost' type thing with the sewing machine! No?!! hahaha.
    I love those houses, such a sweet quilt! :)

  2. Hockey!? And quilting? Izzy! Soul sister! It's a great way to spend a day.

    I love your Blueberry Houses and really, great minds DO think alike because I've added some red ~ okay, reddish-pink ~ to the quilt I'm making with that fabric. :)

    I'm glad you had a terrific weekend ~ here's hoping it is just the first of many this year. :)

  3. The blues look wonderful :-) And you put it together in a day?? I'm impressed! Sounds like you had a sweet weekend :-)


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