Quilty Goals

Well, it's Thursday and that means today's post is going to be about my quilting goals for this weekend.

1.  Finish quilting and put the binding on Lattice Quilt.

2.  Prepare sandwich for Two Percent.

3.  Start a new project (don't know which one yet, but I'm pretty sure it's going to involve 5" squares.

Hopefully, I'll get all of this done AND be able to make a big pot of minestrone soup, a beef stew and some healthy snacks for me and the kids (I have a great recipe for a low fat low cal banana and chocolate chip snack cake that is always very popular around here.  Not sure I can share online however - copyrights and all.)

I'll let you know how I did when I'm back from the cottage on Sunday.

That's it for now.  Talk to you later.


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