I won an Award! :-)

I was out of town in Orlando for a week and when I came home and checked my e-mail... well SURPRISE! My blogger friend Michele from Islandlife Quilts gave me an award! Isn't that the coolest thing?

This is not your typical award though... this one is so much fun because it involves learning more about blog friends and sharing seven things about myself that you probably don't know. So here are my 7 things:

1. I'm a quilter and I love to sew, but I absolutely HATE making alterations to clothes. All my neighbours keep asking me to fix hems and I keep trying to find excuses not to say yes!

2. I'm a huge Back Street Boys fan.

3. My favourite food is lasagna.

4. I get really bad cafeine headaches if I don't have AT LEAST 2 coffees before 9:00 AM.

5. My first language is French and I have a really hard time counting things in English.

6. I have a small tattoo of a rose on the back of my left shoulder.

7. I am turning 42 years old tomorrow! :-)

Thank you again Michele... this was a lot of fun!

That's it for now. Talk to you all later!


  1. Hi Izzy! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I hope you are doing something fun! I'm glad you were able to do this post. I didn't know you were coming to Florida. I hope you had a great time. I had no idea your first language was French! Sewing or ironing clothes is not for me either.......why do neighbors think anything with fabric is like quilting?

  2. Congrats on the award Izzy and a Belate Happy Birthday to you! How neat to have French as your first language. I don't blame you for not wanting to hem anything. I do make alterations and hem things, but it's not my favorite part of sewing.


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