Happy Mother's Day!

I had read the forecast for the weekend on the Internet, so was sort of prepared for what was supposed to happen on Mother's Day... But still, I could hardly believe my eyes when I got out of bed this morning at 6:00 AM and looked outside the window... This is what I saw:

Today is May 9! How could so much snow fall on May 9?! My poor lilac trees were bent almost to the ground, my tulips disappeared under the white blanket... unbelievable!
The puppy loved it though... spent nearly 30 minutes running up and down the lawn and rolling around in the white stuff! He then of course came back in the house, ran to my bedroom and laid down on my quilt! Gotta love puppies!
Didn't get much quilting done this weekend, but did spend some quality time with the kids, playing cards, going shopping and cooking some goodies for dessert! D made me breakfast this morning, bacon and eggs, which was also very nice.
I did get started on a new project that I've been looking at in one of my books for months now. It's a small log cabin quilt (about 40" x 48") and I decided to use up some of my scraps for the dark fabrics and a beautiful creamy colour for the lights. I cut most of the pieces this morning before leaving for the city and will continue next weekend. I'm anxious to see how it comes out.