Rain normally calls for some serious quilting but...

The only time I can spend quilting is on weekends because my sewing machine and supplies are at our country house. So I was sort of happy when the weather forecast called for two rainy days over the weekend... yeah - more time spent quilting.

BUT my dearest darling had other plans for me. He decided we needed to build new shelving under the stairs so this is what I spent most of my weekend doing. The shelves are quite nice and we now have way more storage space at the cottage, but the quilt I was hoping to finish over the weekend is still waiting for me. The most frustrating thing is that all's that left to do is the binding and label! Oh well... next weekend maybe.

I did go shopping for fabric today however. I promised our youngest that I would make him a new sweater to wear on chilly summer nights at the cottage. So I found the cutest fleece with soccer balls and tones of brown and red... really nice. I'll post a picture of it when I'm done.

Ok... the hockey game is back on... I'm off! :-)