The Bendy Bag

It's amazing how many small things us sewists accumulate in a sewing room! From zippers to specialty tapes and buttons - all these things require boxes, jars or bags to keep them organized.

I have a number of zipper pouches already but earlier this week, I decided to make a pouch from a pattern I've had forever: the Bendy bag by Lazy Girl Designs.

I love the original seam lines and the fun tab made from a length of zipper tape. And although it is small (3" x 6" x 6"), it holds a lot of stuff. I decided to store my specialty tapes in it for now.

I used two fat quarters from my stash to make my Bendy bag - I have no idea where they came from or who designed them. But I love the green colour with the purple zipper which matches the purple in the print.

This was a really quick make and a fun one too! I can definitely imagine making a few of these as presents or even as gift-wrapping for small presents.


  1. Turned out cute! I think it's fun to try new patterns just for the fun of it!


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