The Sabalito Top

I hadn't planned to make this just yet. When I took out my black sandwashed cotton, I meant to make a new Gilbert shirt. And I'm still not sure why I decided to make the Sabalito top instead. It is completely inappropriate for this time of year and now that I've sewn it up, I realize that the fabric was a terrible choice for this pattern.

This definitely isn't a success and the poor choice of fabric isn't the only reason. The proportions are all wrong and I dislike anything that sticks out at my waist. And it doesn't look much better from the back!

I wasn't going to share this top on here, but I like to use this blog to document my makes so that I may not make the same mistakes twice. And that I why I am writing this post.

There are some things I do like about this top though. I loved working with this fabric which is a sandwashed cotton from Blackbird Fabrics. It would have been a beautiful Gilbert Shirt.

I also really like the sleeves and the length. And I learned how to sew a Hong Kong seam finish while making this. I'm not sure I would use this finish often - it really is extremely tedious - but the finished product is so pretty!

The details: