The Seamwork Devon

I get so much inspiration from bloggers and IG'ers I follow when it comes to garment making. Some of the people I follow have a completely different style and body than me, and I just enjoy the eye-candy. But some of them have a very similar style and body shape so that when something looks really good on them, I'm always tempted to try to make my own version.

Meg from Cookin' and Craftin' posted about her Devon top back in November. Devon is a dress pattern published by Seamwork, but Meg shortened it to a top and she looked great in it, so I added it to my list of patterns to try. Had it not been for Meg, I would not have given this pattern a second look - the cocoon shaped dresses don't appeal to me at all.

To make my own version of the Devon top, I cut the pattern at 29" from the shoulder seam (for reference, I'm 5'5") and I made a size 16 - which is the size I make most often in Seamwork patterns.

I forgot that Meg mentioned the sleeves were a little tight so I didn't make a full bicep adjustment. As a result, the sleeves are a little bit snug, but not uncomfortable.

This is definitely a little more boxy than I prefer usually and I might never wear this out in public, but it really is comfortable. And it does look nice on video calls.

The fabric is a luxe French Terry from The Fabric Snob here in Canada. The colour is Raspberry Sorbet which is a really gorgeous bright pink. The fabric curled like crazy but it sewed up really nicely. Also, it is super soft - I can't stop petting myself when I'm wearing this.

The details:


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