The Jalie Bianca Top

This new top came very close to being a complete fail but I think I managed to rescue it.

This is the Jalie Bianca Top in an absolute dream of a textured Tencel viscose from Blackbird Fabrics. The colour isn't great on me, but I need this fabric in ALL the colours!!

Based on my measurements, I made a size BB with no adjustments or modifications. This was a really easy sew - a front, a back, a facing on the back neckline, and binding for the front neckline and armholes. Once I had all the pieces cut, it only took a couple of hours to sew up.

I tried it on and was really upset to see that the armholes were ridiculously low on me. I mean, you could basically see my entire bra band if I lifted my arm. I had no idea how to fix this but decided to take a bigger seam allowance under the arm tapering down to nothing past the waist. And it sort of worked.

The upper back however, is a little snug now which isn't great.

The next time I make this, I'm going to do a 1" full-bust adjustment and put in the sleeves to see if that fixes the armholes. And there will be a next one - I love the neckline on me and really like how easy this is to put together. I also want to try the dress version with the belt.

The details:


  1. You're on your way to having a new wardrobe. You have been making a lot of great clothes. Well done.


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