New Comfy PJs Using M7515

I made myself some new comfy PJs!

I've had this fabric in my stash for a long time and I was planning on making clothes for the grand-kids with it, but I had a lot of it and figured I could make myself some pyjamas and still have big enough pieces left to make something for them. This is a Cloud 9 cotton knit called Sidewalk by Rae Hoekstra. It is super soft!

The pattern I used is McCall's M7515. It is really easy and quick to make.

The shorts are only two pieces - the elastic casing is created by simply turning down the top. The instructions don't say to secure the elastic but I stitched it down in all four seams by stitching in the ditch. That prevents it from twisting in the casing which is something I find particularly annoying.

The neck is finished with a facing. Again, the instructions don't specify to do this, but I understitched it to make sure it wouldn't pop over to the front and this creates a nice smooth finish.

For some reason though, my machine really didn't enjoy the narrow and short zig-zag on this fabric. I'm not sure if it was the needle or the fabric, but it kept "sucking" the fabric in the throat plate and skipping stitches. But once I increased the length of the zig-zag stitch to 2.5, things got way better.

I made a size XL based on my measurements, but if I make this again, I'll definitely go down to a size L. The shorts are pretty big and there's definitely a lot of room in the top as well.

But these will be really comfy PJs for the summer months!

The details:


  1. I like those, the color looks good on you. Perfect work from home outfit. These would also be great for my next quilt retreat.

  2. That is adorable, I love it. This pattern is super easy, thanks for bring it to my attention.

  3. These really do look cozy, Izzy! I would never have known to stitch down the collar so it doesn't flip up, but reading it totally makes sense! (and makes me think of shirts I've purchased in the past that had that annoying habit of flipping back. Bet you've got your family requesting a pair of their own ;)

  4. Well done. Looks great...and love the print.

  5. Super cute, and they look comfy! I also hate elastic twisting in the casing, especially on pajamas!


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