Elsa Sweater Finish

During the long winter months, I love to wear snuggly sweaters with leggings on the weekend. So I've been on the look-out for a sweater pattern along with a good sweater knit to go along with it. I can't remember where I found it or even when I found it, but I eventually came across the Elsa Sweater by DG Patterns.

The sweater came together fairly easily but I did struggle a little bit with the cuffs. Not sure if it was my fault (if I made a mistake when I printed the pattern), but I couldn't find a pattern piece for the cuffs. So I had to basically improvise and they didn't come out exactly right.

Also, the sweater is a little short for my taste. I like my tops to fall just a bit below my hip bone and this one hits me a little above. Not a huge deal and I'll definitely wear this sweater, but if I make it again, I'm going to lengthen it by a couple of inches.

The fabric I also got at DG Patterns - I ordered it at the same time as the pattern. It's a poly/spandex blend if I remember correctly. I just loved the colour and it was pretty easy to work with.

I didn't use my serger at all for this project - it's been misbehaving and I didn't have the patience to try and resolve all the tension issues so I just used my regular sewing machine, my walking foot and a zig zag stitch.

So overall, I would call this a success! The fit is good (although a bit short), the pattern is easy"ish" (except for the missing cuff pattern piece) and the fabric is super comfy.

The details:


  1. Vraiment beau Izzy! La couleur te va super bien et elle est juste Wow! Je te donne deux petits trucs. Pour tes poignets, ils ont l'air juste un peu grand. Tu calcules ton ouverture et tu enlèves environ 10-15% sur la largeur et ils devraient bien fermer sur ton poignet. Et pour la longueur si tu veux l'allonger, ajoute une bande dans le même genre que tes poignets, mais enlève seulement un pouce ou deux, juste pour dire que ta bande est à peine plus petite que ton ouverture pour ne pas que ça gondole. N'hésite pas à m'écrire ou m'appeler pour plus de détails.

  2. The cuffs look fab to me?? And the colour is spectacular! Bravo on yet another gorgeous me-made make :)


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